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Vase. places : airport. mall. bakery. museum. bank. library. bar. parking lot bookstore / book shop. pharmacy / drugstore. bus station. police station. butcher's. café. church. post office. court. department store. pub. cinema / movies. park. service station. gym. restaurant. hairdresser's. school. hospital. gallery. train station, railway station. greengrocer's. supermarket. grocer's, grocery store. jail, prison. zoo. laundromat, launderette. in the plane. museum; movie theater; factory; plant; department; fire department; city hall; town hall; prison; jail; Educational facilities : nursery school; kindergarten; elementary school; high school; school; college; institute; university; academy; medical school; law school; business school; vocational school; trade school; technical school; music school; beauty parlor; beauty salon; beauty shop; Hair care, skin care : hair salon; hairdresser's; barber shop; Services and repair : laundry; laundromat; dry cleaner's; automobile repair shop; auto repair shop; car repair shop; service station; garage; bicycle repair shop; computer repair shop; home repair shop; locksmith's shop. massage parlor; solarium. library; campus; dormitory; day-care center; day camp; summer camp. church; cathedral; temple; chapel; mosque; synagogue. expensive hotel; moderate hotel; inexpensive hotel; cheap hotel; hotel amenities; hotel facilities; business center; restaurant; playground; fitness facilities; exercise facilities; fitness center; exercise room; swimming pool. restaurant; cafeteria; cafe; lunchroom; luncheonette; coffee shop; tearoom; snack bar; eating place; eating house; diner; eatery; canteen; grillroom; pizzeria; milk bar; health club; fitness center; gym; tennis club; golf club; country club; sports area; recreation area; sports ground; playground; campground; football ground; basketball ground; tennis court; golf course; swimming pool; skating rink; boxing ring; wrestling ring; racetrack; racecourse; football field; stadium; sports arena. waiting room; consulting room; hospital ward; emergency room; operating room; the ambulance; maternity hospital; maternity home; nursing home; pharmacy; drugstore. Sports facilities : health club; fitness center; gym; tennis club; golf club; country club; football ground; basketball ground; tennis court; golf course; swimming pool; skating rink; boxing ring; wrestling ring; racetrack; racecourse; sports area; recreation area; sports ground; playground; campground; Health facilities hospital; clinic; polyclinic; health center; hospital clinic; dental clinic; the dentist's; outpatient clinic; outpatients' department; ambulatory surgical center; surgery department; football field; stadium; sports arena. boardinghouse (boarding house); bed and board; bed and breakfast; deluxe hotel; luxury hotel; five-star hotel; four-star hotel; three-star hotel; downtown hotel; small hotel; large hotel; old hotel; rundown hotel; hotel; inn; motel; lodge; youth hostel; residential hotel; lodging; lodgings; lodging house; rooming house; guesthouse (guest house); country inn; camping area; campsite; residential district; residential area (neighborhood; quarter); industrial quarter; street; road; avenue; alley; boulevard; lane; drive; route; thoroughfare; place; location; site; locality; vicinity; environment; surroundings. big city; large city; small town; densely populated city; bus stop; bus station; bus terminal; taxi stop; subway station; subway entrance; house; small house; large house; brick house; brownstone; wooden house; apartment house; block of flats (BrE); residential building; three-story house; four-storied house; multistory building; row house; cottage; cabin; bungalow; hut; lodge; log cabin; parking lot; curb parking; to park at the curb; parking meter; garage; train station; railroad station; railway station; airport; gas station; filling station; petrol station. city center; downtown; suburb; outskirts; slums; ghetto; region; district; neighborhood; borough; block; city limits; city; town; capital; metropolis; village; hamlet; settlement; port; resort; castle; palace; villa; estate; mansion; manor house; fortress; town house; country house; summer house; farmhouse; ranch house; office building; concrete-steel building; glass building; brick building; skyscraper; high rise; tower; elevator building; walk-up (walk-up building). health resort; seaside resort; winter resort; mountain resort; ski resort; highway; speedway; expressway; freeway; parkway; causeway; turnpike; baker. butcher . carpebter. cook. a baker. a butcher. a carpenter. a cook. farmer. fireworker. fisherman. gardener. a farmer. a fireman. a fisherman. a gardener. hairdresser. journalist. judge. lawyer. a hairdresser. a journalist. a judge. a lawyer. mason. mechanic. painter. plumber. a mason. a mechanic. a painter. a plumber. policeman. postman. secretary. singer. a policeman. a postman. a secretary. a singer. soldier. taxidriver. teacher. waiter. a soldier. a taxi driver. a teacher. a waiter. PILOT. engineer. doctor. nurse. a pilot. an engineer. a doctor. a nurse. goldsmith. actor. shoe-shine boy. tailor. a goldsmith. an actor. a shoe-shine boy. a tailor. Accountant - a person that works with the money and accounts of a company. Actor /Actress - a person that acts in a play or a movie Architect - a person that designs building and houses. Astronomer - a person who studies the stars and the universe Author - They write books or novels. Baker - They make bread and cakes and normally work in a bakery. Bricklayer - a person that helps to build houses using bricks. Bus driver - a person that drives buses. Butcher - a person that works with meat. They cut the meat and sell it in their shop. Carpenter - a person that makes things from wood including houses and furniture. Chef/Cook - a person that prepared food for others, often in a restaurant or café. Cleaner - a person that cleans/tidies an area or place (such as in an office) Dentist - a person that can fix problems you have with your teeth. Designer - a person who has the job of designing things. Doctor - a person you go to see when you are ill or have some type of health problem. Dustman/Refuse collector - a person that collects trash/rubbish from bins in the street. Electrician - a person that works with electric circuits. Engineer - a person who develops solutions to technical problems. They sometimes design, build, or maintain engines, machines, structures or public works. Factory worker - a person that works in a factory. Farmer - a person that works on a farm, usually with animals. Fireman/Fire fighter - a person that puts out fires. Fisherman - a person that catches fish Florist - a person that works with flowers. Gardener - a person that keeps gardens clean and tidy. They take care of the plants in the garden. Hairdresser - they cut your hair or give it a new style. Journalist - a person that makes new reports in writing or through television. Judge - a qualified person that decides cases in a law court. Lawyer - a person that defends people in court and gives legal advice. Lecturer - a person that gives lectures, usually in a university. Librarian - a person that works in a library. Lifeguard - a person that saves lives where people swim (at a beach or swimming pool). Mechanic - a person that repairs machines, especially car motors. Model - a (usually attractive) person that works in fashion, modeling clothes and accessories. Newsreader - a person that reads the news, normally on television. Nurse - a person trained to help a doctor look after the sick or injured. Optician - a person that checks your eyes and try and correct any problems with your sight. Painter - a person that paints pictures or the interior and exterior of buildings. Pharmacist - a qualified person that works with and dispenses medicine. Photographer - a person that takes photos. Pilot - a person who flies a plane. Plumber - a person that repairs your water systems or pipes. Politician - a person who works in politics. Policeman/Policewoman - a member of the police force. They (try and) prevent crime. Postman - a person that delivers mail to your house. Real estate agent - a person that makes money from selling land for development. Receptionist - a person that is at the reception (entrance) of a company. Scientist - a person that works in the science industry. They do many experiments. Secretary - a person employed in an office who types letters, keeps records etc. Shop assistant - a person that works in a shop or store selling products. Soldier - a person who works for the army. Tailor - a person that makes clothes for others, many times producing exclusive items of clothing. Taxi driver - a person who drives a taxi. Teacher - a person that passes knowledge to students, usually at school. Translator - a person that translates from one language to another. Traffic warden - a person that patrols areas to check that people do not park in the wrong place. Travel agent - a person that organises and sells holidays and flights for others. Veterinary doctor (Vet) - a qualified person that looks after sick animals. Waiter/Waitress - a person that works in a food outlet, looking after customers and serving food. Window cleaner - a person that cleans windows, normally the windows of big buildings. Accountants Look after the finances in an organisation. They work in an office. Bakers Bake bread. They work in a bakery. Barbers Shave men's beards and cut men's hair. They work in a barbers. Barmen/women Serve drinks. They work in a bar, pub or restaurant. Butchers Prepare and sell meat. They work in a butchers. Chambermaids Clean and tidy rooms. They work in a hotel. Chefs Prepare and cook food. They work in a kitchen. Dentists Look after people's teeth. They work in a dentists. Doctors Look after people's health. They work in a hospital or surgery. Fishmongers Prepare and sell fish. They work in a fishmongers. Flight attendants Look after passengers. They work in an aeroplane (airplane AmE). Hair dressers Cut and style people's hair. They work in a hair salon. Judges Judge and sentence people. They work in a law court. Lawyers Defend and prosecute people. They work in a law court and in a lawyers office. Nurses Look after patients . They work in a hospital or doctor's surgery. Opticians Look after people's eye sight. They work in an opticians. Porters Carry other people's bags and luggage. They work in a hotel or train station. Receptionists Meet and greet visitors. They work in reception. Sales Assistants Sell goods and look after customers. They work in a shop. Secretaries Arrange appointments, type letters and organise meetings. They work in an office. Surgeons Operate on people who are sick. They work in a hospital. Tailors Design, make, alter or repair garments, They work in factories and shops. Teachers Teach people. They work in a school. Technicians Organise and repair technical equipment. They work everywhere! Vets Look after people's animals. They work in a veterinary surgery or vets. Waiters/Waitresses Serve people food and drink. They work in a restaurant. Welders Weld metal to make things. They work in factories and construction. actress /actor/ architect / singer dentist / detective / writer / farmer nurse / pilot / engineer / accountant butcher / cashier / barber / carpenter lifeguard /baker / electrician / flight attendant plumber / / receptionist / researcher scientist / lawyer / bus driver / designer journalist / photographer / musician / painter florist / sales assistant / mechanic / model shop assistant / politician / translator / postman hairdresser / taxi driver / pharmacist / nanny travel agent / cleaner / biologist /businesswoman businessman / dancer / gardener / meteorologist programmer / travel guide / saleswoman / salesman. 1. time 2. year 3. people 4. way 5. day 6. man 7. thing 8. woman 9. life 10. child 11. world 12. school 13. state 14. family 15. student 16. group 17. country 18. problem 19. hand 20. part 21. place 22. case 23. week 24. company 25. system 26. program 27. question 28. work 29. government 30. number 31. night 32. point 33. home 34. water 35. room 36. mother 37. area 38. money 39. story 40. fact 41. month 42. lot 43. right 44. study 45. book 46. eye 47. job 48. word 49. business 50. issue 51. side 52. kind 53. head 54. house 55. service 56. friend 57. father 58. power 59. hour 60. game 61. line 62. end 63. member 64. law 65. car 66. city 67. community 68. name 69. president 70. team 71. minute 72. idea 73. kid 74. body 75. information 76. back 77. parent 78. face 79. others 80. level 81. office 82. door 83. health 84. person 85. art 86. war 87. history 88. party 89. result 90. change 91. morning 92. reason 93. research 94. girl 95. guy 96. moment 97. air 98. teacher 99. force 100. education 1. be 2. have 3. do 4. say 5. go 6. can 7. get 8. would 9. make 10. know 11. will 12. think 13. take 14. see 15. come 16. could 17. want 18. look 19. use 20. find 21. give 22. tell 23. work 24. may 25. should 26. call 27. try 28. ask 29. need 30. feel 31. become 32. leave 33. put 34. mean 35. keep 36. let 37. begin 38. seem 39. help 40. talk 41. turn 42. start 43. might 44. show 45. hear 46. play 47. run 48. move 49. like 50. live 51. believe 52. hold 53. bring 54. happen 55. must 56. write 57. provide 58. sit 59. stand 60. lose 61. pay 62. meet 63. include 64. continue 65. set 66. learn 67. change 68. lead 69. understand 70. watch 71. follow 72. stop 73. create 74. speak 75. read 76. allow 77. add 78. spend 79. grow 80. open 81. walk 82. win 83. offer 84. remember 85. love 86. consider 87. appear 88. buy 89. wait 90. serve 91. die 92. send 93. expect 94. build 95. stay 96. fall 97. cut 98. reach 99. kill 100. remain 1 be am, are, is was, were been being I 2 have has had had having I 3 do does did done doing I 4 say says said said saying I 5 go goes went been / gone going I 6 get gets got got getting I 7 make makes made made making I 8 know knows knew known knowing I 9 think thinks thought thought thinking I 10 take takes took taken taking I 11 see sees saw seen seeing I 12 come comes came come coming I 13 want wants wanted wanted wanting R 14 use uses used used using R 15 find finds found found finding I 16 give gives gave given giving I 17 tell tells told told telling I 18 work works worked worked working R 19 call calls called called calling R 20 try tries tried tried trying R 21 ask asks asked asked asking R 22 need needs needed needed needing R 23 feel feels felt felt feeling I 24 become becomes became become becoming I 25 leave leaves left left leaving I 26 put puts put put putting I 27 mean means meant meant meaning I 28 keep keeps kept kept keeping I 29 let lets let let letting I 30 begin begins began begun beginning I 31 seem seems seemed seemed seeming R 32 help helps helped helped helping R 33 show shows showed shown showing I 34 hear hears heard heard hearing I 35 play plays played played playing R 36 run runs ran run running I 37 move moves moved moved moving R 38 live lives lived lived living R 39 believe believes believed believed believing R 40 bring brings brought brought bringing I 1. other 2. new 3. good 4. high 5. old 6. great 7. big 8. American 9. small 10. large 11. national 12. young 13. different 14. black 15. long 16. little 17. important 18. political 19. bad 20. white 21. real 22. best 23. right 24. social 25. only 26. public 27. sure 28. low 29. early 30. able 31. human 32. local 33. late 34. hard 35. major 36. better 37. economic 38. strong 39. possible 40. whole 41. free 42. military 43. true 44. federal 45. international 46. full 47. special 48. easy 49. clear 50. recent 51. certain 52. personal 53. open 54. red 55. difficult 56. available 57. likely 58. short 59. single 60. medical 61. current 62. wrong 63. private 64. past 65. foreign 66. fine 67. common 68. poor 69. natural 70. significant 71. similar 72. hot 73. dead 74. central 75. happy 76. serious 77. ready 78. simple 79. left 80. physical 81. general 82. environmental 83. financial 84. blue 85. democratic 86. dark 87. various 88. entire 89. close 90. legal 91. religious 92. cold 93. final 94. main 95. green 96. nice 97. huge 98. popular 99. traditional 100. cultural physical corporeal fleshly material carnal corporal actual somatic substantial sensual tangible animal concrete earthly mortal real biological gross human natural normal organic unspiritual worldly mundane temporal terrestrial secular earthbound base sublunary terrene sensible earthborn non-spiritual anatomical materialistic visceral fleshy objective phenomenal brute lay incarnate brutish instinctive bestial instinctual profane factual solid earthy true palpable vile sordid nonspiritual perceptible telluric live in the flesh functional physiologic tactile basic primal non-church genetic biologic biotic sensory laic non-religious physiological nonreligious ungodly practical quantifiable visible measurable appreciable kinesthetic intimate personal of this world feral innate inborn mammalian intuitive wild low in person tellurian animalistic subconscious beastly untamed geotic uncelestial global everyday alluvial terraqueous appetitive coarse uncultured inhuman subhuman unrefined beastlike in all creation under the sun existent genuine veridical non-fictional legitimate non-fictitious intrinsic valid indubitable current historical unimaginary substantive effective unimagined living irrefutable firm de facto embodied positive rightful sound present existing evident dinkum sensual lewd lustful erotic carnal lascivious libidinous lecherous licentious raunchy randy passionate sexual sexy hot steamy fleshly unchaste debauched physical arousing animal corporeal sensuous hedonistic luscious epicurean sybaritic seductive luxurious lush exciting heavy unspiritual voluptuary animalistic appetitive Dionysiac pleasing delightful hedonic X-rated hot and heavy physically gratifying coarse gross wanton voluptuous salacious prurient venereal lubricious vulgar impure profane bestial somatic corporal amorous material genital obscene bawdy crude indecent pornographic dirty blue smutty ribald nasty porny locker-room foul trashy filthy offensive unprintable gutter stag immoral suggestive scurrilous off-colorUS raw hard-core rough evil-minded soft-core off-colourUK libertine fast low-down orgiastic incontinent concupiscent horny degenerate dissolute depraved dissipated naughty promiscuous abandoned decadent wicked goatish loose lubricous intemperate satyric hypersexual itchy lickerish desirous spicy earthy profligate uncontrollable uncontrolled sinful reproductive uncurbed corrupt pervy perverted titillating procreative reprobate unconstrained swinging amoral unruly unmoral unprincipled lax relaxed scabrous disorderly unwholesome rude immodest aphrodisiac erogenous voyeuristic improper unseemly hankering sex longing unhealthy crass saucy uncouth indelicate low itching in the fast lane fast and loose tasteless sleazy rousing stimulating lowbrow lowbred raffish erotogenic racy explicit gamy adult porn fruity roughneck porno rugged rough-hewn near the knuckle scatological close to the bone scatologic in the gutter cheap low-minded aphrodisiacal kinky Rabelaisian venereous fervid purple genitive anacreontic generative sexually exciting sexually arousing sexually stimulating unvirtuous ruttish wolfish hircine hot to trot mortal human fleshly corporeal physical corporal worldly earthly perishable temporal earthborn ephemeral impermanent natural passing transient sublunary creatural animate bipedal evanescent fading finite frail fugacious momentary precarious weak earth-born ecce homo carnal biological somatic organic flesh and blood humanistic anatomical body functional material structural anatomic living alive breathing animate existing live moving incarnate quick organic sentient active animated biological corporeal existent vital lively vigorous warm having life alive and kicking in the flesh among the living in the land of the living conscious biotic aware awake biologic natural alert extant plant animal life viable mortal carbon-based chemical biochemical zoetic functioning surviving standing flesh and blood in existence flourishing dynamic subsisting energetic growing cellular not dead basal amoebic anatomical plasmic synthetic botanic synthesizedUS actinic alchemical synthetical enzymatic sapient botanical zoological zoologic sensate feeling intelligent self-aware flesh-and-blood synthesisedUK capable of feeling completely entirely wholly altogether forcefully forcibly powerfully violently physically totally absolutely collectively corporally fully with force en masse as a body as a group materially actually corporeally mundanely objectively palpably physically ponderably really sensibly tangibly concerning matter fleshlily carnally corporally materialistically sensually somatically animally worldlily concretely substantially solidly temporally terrestrially perceptibly secularly measurably quantifiably visibly factually appreciably phenomenally truely mortally humanly unspiritually profanely biologically earthily naturally organically grossly tactilely globally alluvially basely anatomically touchably viscerally fleshily brutely physiologically normally brutishly bestially lively instinctively sordidly vilely validly genuinely instinctually nonreligiously legitimately positively kinesthetically practically functionally legitly civilly genetically biotically sensorily noticeably lowly laically realistically tactually ungodlily basically primally intimately authentically empirically honestly intuitively ferally innately wildly subconsciously personally appetitively coarsely unrefinedly inhumanly subhumanly intrinsically veridically indubitably livingly historically substantively effectively currently evidently irrefutably firmly rightfully presently soundly forcibly forcefully aggressively vigorously dynamically energetically powerfully roughly strenuously violently assertively explosively firmly potently strongly heartily roundly stiffly stoutly sturdily zealously hard mightily muscularly with force with violence intensely fiercely actively with might and main ferociously spiritedly severely vehemently emphatically heavily with a vengeance almightily passionately animatedly fierily hardly like gangbusters wildly robustly enthusiastically sharply to beat the band viciously furiously intensively keenly blisteringly extremely overwhelmingly greatly livelily acutely earnestly eagerly briskly gutsily puissantly rigorously punchily drivingly toughly devastatingly harshly resolutely savagely peppily overpoweringly zippily effectively determinedly brutally crushingly turbulently lustily resoundingly with vigourUK with vigorUS destructively dominantly vitally commandingly ardently fervently profoundly vivaciously influentially sparkily racily spankingly coercively flamingly consumingly unbridledly indefatigably rabidly with all one's might importantly snappily bluntly perkily airily animately deeply bouncingly friskily pertly springily jauntily gaily jazzily stormily compellingly significantly enterprisingly terribly all out dreadfully excruciatingly boldly unrestrainedly exquisitely uncontrolledly forcedly heftily pushingly madly frightfully frantically like crazy like mad concentratedly zestfully ghastlily drastically thunderously hellaciously fearsomely with great effort kinetically effectually fearfully intemperately tremendously feverishly feistily spryly vibrantly excessively torridly tirelessly bitingly ruggedly starkly titanically weightily tellingly decidedly fervidly riotously threateningly relentlessly emotionally excitingly ragingly steadily sparklingly electrically trenchantly heatedly like fury burningly flamboyantly like billy-o pushily diligently industriously boisterously hardily stimulatingly thuggishly seriously supremely zestily demonstratively fanatically perfervidly frenziedly cruelly damagingly spunkily markedly as hard as possible movingly tempestuously vividly uncontrollably elementally authoritatively rampantly as hard as one can rigidly painfully glowingly warmly blazingly incandescently freshly full blast smartly at full tilt unfetteredly hammer and tongs agonizinglyUS deliriously highly impetuously grievously religiously with energy breezily unflaggingly untiringly with all the stops out demoniacally nonconsensually with full force pungently staunchly pluckily proudly torely abruptly magnetically strong heartfeltly positively unceremoniously gustily excitedly really hard very hard stalwartly kinematically fatally lethally rawly oppressively ungovernably inordinately committedly messianically charismatically productively all-out conscientiously assiduously sedulously unmanageably immoderately extraordinarily enormously concertedly exceptionally persistently cyclonically mortally uncompromisingly critically desperately convulsively urgently enragedly ruinously hotly majorly dramatically entertainingly with perseverance with application unqualifiedly closely tumultuously paroxysmally outrageously volcanically with maximum force to the best of your ability full force with everything one has got full tilt sexily toweringly cuttingly penetratingly exaggeratedly piercingly bitterly stingingly strikingly physically frankly honestly directly tooth and nail flat-out fluidly unsparingly forthrightly invincibly indomitably stringently strictly draconianly might and main buoyantly exhilaratingly headily with all one's strength distinctively tartly poignantly cleverly tangily playfully wittily sportively brightly piquantly tastily richly condemnatorily intimidatingly with all one's might and main ambitiously radically taxingly arduously rebelliously combatively disturbingly securely exhaustingly redoubtably formidably calamitously considerably murderously bloodthirstily berserkly strengthfully successfully controllingly efficiently rulingly authoritarianly ruthlessly impressively virulently truculently sternly pithily persuasively volatilely convincingly roaringly cogently bullishly maniacally pugnaciously callously unflinchingly immovably tightly crucially flourishingly electrifyingly barbarously barbarically mercilessly pitilessly sadistically conspicuously safely motionlessly enduringly unshakeably dazzlingly dashingly bustlingly effervescently inhumanly heartlessly homicidally frenetically hotheadedly colourfullyUK rousingly bouncily stirringly colorfullyUS virilely solid fast thoroughly stably soundly fixedly durably substantially inflexibly solidly tight headstrongly hysterically crazily fumingly agitatedly hoppingly thrivingly busily radiantly vibratingly like a rock purposefully sincerely quickly wholeheartedly devoutly healthily fearlessly with a will like the devil with enthusiasm with eagerness with great vigour for all one is worth for dear life like the deuce as best one can going great guns to the best of one's abilities like nobody's business like it's going out of style strappingly burlily brawnily beefily huskily buffly fitly stockily hunkily bulkily athletically hulkingly chunkily unyieldingly resiliently meatily reliably thickly wholy indestructibly bigly imperishably resistantly fastly dumpily unbreakably stubbily steelily squatly dependably stumpily unwaveringly wholesomely steadfastly tenaciously fubsily lastingly impenetrably goodly imperviously invulnerably adamantinely fatly bloomingly impregnably finely fleshily plumply unimpairedly largely surely unassailably unshakably trimly broadly massively unrelentingly truely shortly flawlessly everlastingly manlily trustworthily perdurably chubbily compactly faithfully concretely inviolably constantly paunchily immutably doggedly portlily trustily unfailingly obstinately corpulently unchangeably responsibly unswervingly permanently unfalteringly unmalleably capably buxomly normally impermeably obdurately calculably rootedly honourablyUK frozenly unblemishedly honorablyUS pudgily densely unbrokenly cohesively stonily faultlessly single-mindedly pristinely perseveringly loyally flabbily infallibly uninterruptedly tautly sportily adamantly unbendingly stubbornly tubbily rotundly grittily airtightly rightly sizeably untroubledly regularly imposingly indissolubly manfully amply intrepidly lithely agilely nimbly togetherly hugely diminutively doughtily masculinely unshakenly grandly incorruptibly cavernously infrangibly lumberingly colossally stodgily gigantically sanely uprightly inviolately leanly youngly dourly indubitably foolproofly snugly butchly unaffectedly dwarfishly healthfully ably inexpugnably stuntedly certainly unpliably impassibly reputably pertinaciously slimly rudely gargantuanly intransigently irrepressibly perfectly stationarily bullheadedly rockily implacably widely grossly ramrod statically unsentimentally sensibly chipperly insistently salutiferously competently refractorily compressedly inelastically repellently mulishly valiantly greenly inexorably unshakingly unmovingly porkily podgily obesely hard-handedly stoutheartedly swollenly pursily unmoveably patiently importunately equably dimensionally undauntedly possessively daringly compactedly adventurously eternally undyingly sizably handsomely voluminously tidily abidingly immortally perpetually undisturbedly venturously audaciously adventuresomely nervily courageously perennially endlessly serviceably grimly unfadingly unquenchably deathlessly inextinguishably ineradicably meaningfully materially indelibly unalterably venturesomely recklessly rashly bravely temerariously foolhardily overboldly really historically substantively consequentially respectably eventfully momentously monumentally principally usefully extensively valuably irrefragably irrefrangibly abundantly vastly earthshakingly tectonically superabundantly in the flesh live physically incarnate in person in actual life in bodily form in real life before one's eyes in reality in front of one in human form before one's very eyes in one's presence in propria persona personally actually as large as life without an intermediary direct tête-à-tête face-to-face in a personal manner directly oneself by oneself manually ball cap hair barrette beret bobby pin bow butterfly clip chopsticks elastic feather flower hair clip hairpin hat headband headscarf kerchief ribbon scarf scrunchie side comb snap clip sweatband tiara tieback beautiful brushed classy clean combed damp dirty dripping dull elegant enviable fashionable filthy gorgeous greasy healthy luscious lustrous nourished shiny singed slick soaked squeaky clean stylish sweaty trendy vibrant voluminous wet blown out coiffed coiffured done neat runway-ready tamed tidy well-groomed ash brown auburn black bleached blond blonde blue bluish bottle blonde brown brunette burgundy burnished chestnut coppery dark flaxen ginger golden blonde gray green honey jet black light mousy multi-colored natural blonde oil slick ombre peroxide blonde pink platinum purple rainbow raven red salt and pepper silver strawberry blonde streaked sun-kissed sun-streaked wheat blonde white yellow yellowing cascading chin length close cropped cropped ear length flowing long medium length mid-back length neck length short shoulder length tailbone length trailing waist length afro a-line angled asymmetrical bangs beehive blunt bob bouffant bowl cut braided braids brushed back bun buzzed center part chignon chopped choppy clipped coils comb over corkscrew curls cornrows crew cut curled dreadlocks ducktail emo extensions face-framing feathered fishtail braid flat top flyaway french braids french twist fringe Jheri curl kinked layered long layers loose military cut mohawk mullet natural pageboy parted pigtails pin curls pixie plaited pompadour ponytail Rasta rat tail ratted ringlets shag shaved side part slicked down spiked spiky spirals springy stacked straightened swept back swept to the side swept up teased topknot trimmed twisted undercut up updo waterfall braids weave wedge wings wrapped lush scraggly sparse stringy thick thin voluminous wispy wooly body bouncy bristly brittle bushy coarse crinkly delicate downy fine flat fluffy frizzy fuzzy glossy lank limp listless luxuriant luxurious medium nappy no body puffy rough satiny silky sleek smooth soft sticky stiff straight straw-like supple touchable velvety wavy wiry hair a ability able about above accept according account across act action activity actually add address administration admit adult affect after again against age agency agent ago agree agreement ahead air all allow almost alone along already also although always American among amount analysis and animal another answer any anyone anything appear apply approach area argue arm around arrive art article artist as ask assume at attack attention attorney audience author authority available avoid away baby back bad bag ball bank bar base be beat beautiful because become bed before begin behavior behind believe benefit best better between beyond big bill billion bit black blood blue board body book born both box boy break bring brother budget build building business but buy by call camera campaign can cancer candidate capital car card care career carry case catch cause cell center central century certain certainly chair challenge chance change character charge check child choice choose church citizen city civil claim class clear clearly close coach cold collection college color come commercial common community company compare computer concern condition conference Congress consider consumer contain continue control cost could country couple course court cover create crime cultural culture cup current customer cut dark data daughter day dead deal death debate decade decide decision deep defense degree Democrat democratic describe design despite detail determine develop development die difference different difficult dinner direction director discover discuss discussion disease do doctor dog door down draw dream drive drop drug during each early east easy eat economic economy edge education effect effort eight either election else employee end energy enjoy enough enter entire environment environmental especially establish even evening event ever every everybody everyone everything evidence exactly example executive exist expect experience expert explain eye face fact factor fail fall family far fast father fear federal feel feeling few field fight figure fill film final finally financial find fine finger finish fire firm first fish five floor fly focus follow food foot for force foreign forget form former forward four free friend from front full fund future game garden gas general generation get girl give glass go goal good government great green ground group grow growth guess gun guy hair half hand hang happen happy hard have he head health hear heart heat heavy help her here herself high him himself his history hit hold home hope hospital hot hotel hour house how however huge human hundred husband I idea identify if image imagine impact important improve in include including increase indeed indicate individual industry information inside instead institution interest 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Izinsiza zezemidlalo : iklabhu yezempilo; isikhungo sokufaneleka; indawo yokuzivocavoca; i-tennis club; iklabhu yegalofu; iklabhu yezwe; inkundla yebhola; indawo ye-basketball; Inkudla yebhola lomphebezo; Indawo yokudlala igalofu; Indawo yokubhukuda; i-skating rink; indandatho yesibhakela; indandatho yokubamba; ithrekhi yomjaho; inkundla yomjaho; indawo yezemidlalo; indawo yokungcebeleka; inkundla yezemidlalo; inkundla yokudlala; indawo yokukhempa; Izikhungo zezempilo isibhedlela; umtholampilo; i-polyclinic; isikhungo sezempilo; umtholampilo wasesibhedlela; umtholampilo wamazinyo; kadokotela wamazinyo; umtholampilo wangaphandle; umnyango weziguli ezingaphandle; isikhungo sokuhlinza i-ambulensi; umnyango wokuhlinza; inkundla yebhola; inkundla yezemidlalo; inkundla yezemidlalo. i-boardinghouse (indlu yokuhlala); umbhede kanye nebhodi; umbhede nokudla kwasekuseni; ihhotela deluxe; ihhotela lokunethezeka; ihhotela lezinkanyezi ezinhlanu; ihhotela lezinkanyezi ezine; ihhotela lezinkanyezi ezintathu; ihhotela ledolobha; ihhotela elincane; ihhotela elikhulu; ihhotela elidala; ihhotela elincane; ihhotela; inn; i-motel; indawo yokulala; ihostela lentsha; ihhotela lokuhlala; indawo yokulala; izindawo zokulala; indlu yokulala; indlu yokulala; i-guesthouse (indlu yezivakashi); izwe lezihambi; indawo yokukhempa; indawo yokukhempa; indawo yokuhlala; indawo yokuhlala (umakhelwane; ikota); ikota yezimboni; umgwaqo; umgwaqo; i-avenue; umhubhe; i-boulevard; umzila; shayela; umzila; indlela yokuhamba; indawo; indawo; indawo; indawo; indawo; imvelo; indawo ezungezile. idolobha elikhulu; idolobha elikhulu; idolobha elincane; idolobha elinabantu abaningi; isitobhi sebhasi; isiteshi sebhasi; isikhumulo sebhasi; isitobhi samatekisi; isiteshi esingaphansi komhlaba; indawo yokungena emgwaqweni ongaphansi komhlaba; indlu; indlu encane; indlu enkulu; indlu yezitini; brownstone; indlu yamapulangwe; indlu yokuhlala; ibhulokhi lamafulethi (BrE); isakhiwo sokuhlala; indlu enezitezi ezintathu; indlu enezitezi ezine; isakhiwo esinezitezi eziningi; indlu yomugqa; ikotishi; ikhabethe; i-bungalow; iqhugwane; indawo yokulala; indlu yezingodo; indawo yokupaka; umgwaqo wokupaka; ukupaka onqenqemeni lomgwaqo; imitha yokupaka; igaraji; isiteshi sesitimela; isiteshi sesitimela; isiteshi sesitimela; isikhumulo sezindiza; igalaji likaphethiloli; indawo yokugcwalisa; igalaji likaphethiloli. idolobha; idolobha; indawo engaphansi kwedolobha; emaphethelweni; imijondolo; ighetto; isifunda; isifunda; umakhelwane; isigodi; vimba; imingcele yedolobha; idolobha; idolobha; capital; idolobhakazi; isigodi; i-hamlet; ukuxazulula; ichweba; indawo yokuphumula; inqaba; isigodlo; i-villa; ifa; isithabathaba somuzi; indlu yokugezela; inqaba; indlu yedolobha; indlu yezwe; indlu yasehlobo; indlu yasepulazini; indlu yepulazi; isakhiwo samahhovisi; isakhiwo se-concrete-steel; ingilazi yokwakha; isakhiwo sezitini; i-skyscraper; ukuphakama okuphezulu; umbhoshongo; isakhiwo sekheshi; walk-up (isakhiwo sokuhamba). indawo yokuhlala yezempilo; indawo yokuphumula yolwandle; indawo yokuphumula yasebusika; intaba yokungcebeleka; i-ski resort; umgwaqo omkhulu; i-speedway; i-expressway; umgwaqo onguthelawayeka; i-parkway; indlela ehamba phambili; i-turnpike; umbhaki. ukuhlaba inyama . umazi. pheka. umbhaki. ubhusha. umbazi. umpheki. umlimi. isiqhumane. umdobi. umlimi. umlimi. umcishi-mlilo. umdobi. umlimi. umlungisi wezinwele. intatheli. ijaji. ummeli. umlungisi wezinwele. intatheli. ijaji. ummeli. umakhi. umakhenikha. umdwebi. osebenza ngamapulangwe. umakhi. umakhenikha. umdwebi. osebenza ngamapulangwe. iphoyisa. uposi. unobhala. umculi. iphoyisa. iposi. unobhala. umculi. isosha. umshayeli wetekisi. uthisha. Weta. isosha. umshayeli wetekisi. uthisha. uweta. UMSHAYELI wendiza. unjiniyela. udokotela. umhlengikazi. umshayeli wendiza. unjiniyela. udokotela. umhlengikazi. umkhandi wegolide. umlingisi. mfana wezicathulo. umthungi. umkhandi wegolide. umlingisi. umfana ocwebezelayo. umthungi. Accountant - umuntu osebenza ngemali nama-akhawunti enkampani. Umlingisi/Umlingisikazi - umuntu olingisa emdlalweni noma imuvi Umklami wezakhiwo - umuntu oklama isakhiwo nezindlu. Isazi sezinkanyezi - umuntu ofunda izinkanyezi nendawo yonke Umbhali - Babhala izincwadi noma amanoveli. Baker - Benza isinkwa namakhekhe futhi ngokuvamile basebenza endaweni yokubhaka. Bricklayer - umuntu osiza ukwakha izindlu ngezitini. Umshayeli webhasi - umuntu oshayela amabhasi. Ibhusha - umuntu osebenza ngenyama. Basika inyama bayoyidayisa esitolo sabo. Umbazi - umuntu owenza izinto ngokhuni okuhlanganisa izindlu nefenisha. Umpheki/Umpheki - umuntu olungisela abanye ukudla, ngokuvamile endaweni yokudlela noma esitolo. Umcoci - umuntu ohlanza/oqoqa indawo noma indawo (njengasehhovisi) Udokotela wamazinyo - umuntu ongakwazi ukulungisa izinkinga onazo ngamazinyo. Umklami - umuntu onomsebenzi wokuklama izinto. Udokotela - umuntu oya kuye ukuyombona uma ugula noma unohlobo oluthile lwenkinga yempilo. UDustman/umqoqi kadoti - umuntu oqoqa udoti/udoti emigqonyeni emgwaqeni. Osebenza ngogesi - umuntu osebenza ngamasekethe kagesi. Unjiniyela - umuntu othuthukisa izixazululo zezinkinga zobuchwepheshe. Kwesinye isikhathi baklama, bakhe, noma banakekele izinjini, imishini, izakhiwo noma imisebenzi yomphakathi. Isisebenzi sasefekthri - umuntu osebenza efektri. Umlimi - umuntu osebenza epulazini, ngokuvamile nge-animals. Umcishi-mlilo/umcimi-mlilo - umuntu ocisha imililo. Umdobi - umuntu obamba izinhlanzi Florist - umuntu osebenza ngezimbali. Umlimi - umuntu ogcina izingadi zihlanzekile futhi zicocekile. Banakekela izitshalo engadini. Umlungisi wezinwele - bagunda izinwele zakho noma banikeze isitayela esisha. Intatheli - umuntu owenza imibiko emisha ngokubhala noma ngomabonakude. Ijaji - umuntu oqeqeshiwe onquma amacala enkantolo yezomthetho. Ummeli - umuntu ovikela abantu ezinkantolo futhi onikeza izeluleko zomthetho. Umfundisi - umuntu onikeza izinkulumo, ngokuvamile enyuvesi. Isisebenzi saselabhulali - umuntu osebenza emtatsheni wezincwadi. Unogada - umuntu osindisa izimpilo lapho abantu bebhukuda khona (ebhishi noma endaweni yokubhukuda). Umakhenikha - umuntu okhanda imishini, ikakhulukazi izinjini zezimoto. Imodeli - umuntu (ovame ukukhanga) osebenza ngemfashini, izingubo zokumodela kanye nezinsiza. Umfundi wezindaba - umuntu ofunda izindaba, ngokuvamile kumabonakude. Umhlengikazi - umuntu oqeqeshelwe ukusiza udokotela ukuthi abheke abagulayo noma abalimele. Udokotela Wamehlo - umuntu ohlola amehlo akho futhi azame ukulungisa noma yiziphi izinkinga ngokubona kwakho. Umdwebi - umuntu openda izithombe noma ingaphakathi nengaphandle lezakhiwo. Usokhemisi - umuntu oqeqeshiwe osebenza futhi akhiphe imithi. Umthwebuli wezithombe - umuntu othatha izithombe. Umshayeli wendiza - umuntu oshayela indiza. Umxhumanisi - umuntu okhanda izinhlelo zakho zamanzi noma amapayipi. Usopolitiki - umuntu osebenza kwezepolitiki. Iphoyisa/Iphoyisa lesifazane - ilungu lombutho wamaphoyisa. Bazama (futhi) ukuvimbela ubugebengu. U-postman - umuntu oletha i-imeyili endlini yakho. Umenzeli wezindlu - umuntu owenza imali ngokudayisa umhlaba ukuze athuthuke. Umamukeli - umuntu osendaweni yokwamukela (ekungeneni) yenkampani. Usosayensi - umuntu osebenza embonini yesayensi. Benza izivivinyo eziningi. Unobhala - umuntu oqashwe ehhovisi obhala izincwadi, ogcina amarekhodi njll. Umsizi wesitolo - umuntu osebenza esitolo noma esitolo ethengisa imikhiqizo. Isosha - umuntu osebenzela ibutho. Umthungi - umuntu owenza izingubo zabanye, izikhathi eziningi okhiqiza izingubo ezikhethekile. Umshayeli wetekisi - umuntu oshayela itekisi. Uthisha - umuntu odlulisela ulwazi kubafundi, ngokuvamile esikoleni. Umhumushi - umuntu ohumusha esuka kolunye ulimi aye kolunye. Umphathi wezokuthutha - umuntu ozulazula ezindaweni ukuze ahlole ukuthi abantu abapaki endaweni engafanele. Umenzeli wokuvakasha - umuntu ohlela futhi adayisele abanye amaholide nezindiza. Udokotela wezilwane (Vet) - umuntu oqeqeshiwe onakekela izilwane ezigulayo. Uweta/Uweta - umuntu osebenza endaweni edayisa ukudla, onakekela amakhasimende futhi ephakela ukudla. Ukuhlanza amafasitela - umuntu ohlanza amafasitela, ngokuvamile amafasitela ezakhiwo ezinkulu. Ababalisi Babheka izimali zenhlangano. Basebenza ehhovisi. Bakers Bhaka isinkwa. Basebenza ebhikawozi. Abagundi Bagunde izintshebe zamadoda futhi bagunde izinwele zamadoda. Basebenza endaweni yokugunda izinwele. Barmen/abesifazane Khonza iziphuzo. Basebenza endaweni yokucima ukoma, i-pub noma indawo yokudlela. Abadayisa inyama Balungisa futhi badayise. Basebenza ebhusha. Ama-Chambermaids Amakamelo ahlanzekile futhi ahlanzekile. Basebenza ehhotela. Abapheki Lungisa futhi upheke ukudla. Basebenza ekhishini. Odokotela Bamazinyo Nakekela amazinyo abantu. Basebenza kodokotela bamazinyo. Odokotela Babheke impilo yabantu. Basebenza esibhedlela noma ukuhlinzwa. Abathengisi bezinhlanzi Balungise futhi badayise izinhlanzi. Basebenza kumthengisi wezinhlanzi. Abanakekeli basendizeni Bhekana nabagibeli. Basebenza endizeni (airplane AmE). Abalungisa izinwele Sika futhi wenze isitayela izinwele zabantu. Basebenza esaluni yezinwele. Amajaji Ahlulele futhi agwebe abantu. Basebenza enkantolo yezomthetho. Abameli Bavikele futhi bashushise abantu. Basebenza enkantolo yezomthetho nasehhovisi labameli. Abahlengikazi Babheka iziguli . Basebenza esibhedlela noma ukuhlinzwa kukadokotela. Odokotela Bamehlo Babheke amehlo abantu. Basebenza kudokotela wamehlo. Abathwali Bathwala izikhwama nemithwalo yabanye abantu. Basebenza ehhotela noma esiteshini sesitimela. Abamukela izivakashi Bahlangana futhi babingelele izivakashi. Basebenza e-reception. Abasizi Bezentengiso Bathengisa izimpahla futhi banakekele amakhasimende. Basebenza esitolo. Onobhala Hlela ama-aphoyintimenti, bhala izincwadi futhi uhlele imihlangano. Basebenza ehhovisi. Odokotela Abahlinzayo Bahlinza abantu abagulayo. Basebenza esibhedlela. Abathungi Baklama, benze, baguqule noma balungise izingubo, Basebenza ezimbonini nasezitolo. Othisha Bafundisa abantu. Basebenza esikoleni. Ochwepheshe Hlela futhi balungise izinto zobuchwepheshe. Basebenza yonke indawo! Odokotela Bezilwane Naka izilwane zabantu. Basebenza endaweni yokuhlinzwa yezilwane noma odokotela bezilwane. Oweta/Oweta Nikela abantu ukudla neziphuzo. Basebenza endaweni yokudlela. Ama-Welders Weld metal ukwenza izinto. Basebenza emafemini nasekwakhiweni. umlingisi / umlingisi/ umakhi / umculi udokotela wamazinyo / umphenyi / umbhali / umlimi unesi / umshayeli wendiza / unjiniyela / i-accountant ibhula / cashier / umgundi / umbazi unogada / umbhaki / ugesi / isisebenzi sasendizeni plumber // receptionist / umcwaningi usosayensi / ummeli / umshayeli webhasi / umklami intatheli / umthwebuli wezithombe / umculi / umdwebi izimbaliist / umsizi wokuthengisa / umakhenikha / imodeli umsizi wesitolo / usopolitiki / umhumushi / uposi umlungisi wezinwele / umshayeli wetekisi / usokhemisi / umzanyana i-ejenti yokuhamba / umhlanzi / isazi sezinto eziphilayo / usomabhizinisi usomabhizinisi / umdansi / umlimi / meteorologist umhleli / umhlahlandlela wokuvakasha / umthengisi / umdayisi. 1. isikhathi 2. unyaka 3. abantu 4. indlela 5. usuku 6. indoda 7. into 8. owesifazane 9. impilo 10. ingane 11. umhlaba 12. isikole 13. izwe 14. umndeni 15. umfundi 16. iqembu 17. izwe 18. inkinga 19. isandla 20. ingxenye 21. indawo 22. icala 23. isonto 24. inkampani 25. uhlelo 26. uhlelo 27. umbuzo 28. umsebenzi 29. uhulumeni 30. inombolo 31. ebusuku 32. iphuzu 33. ekhaya 34. amanzi 35. igumbi 36. umama 37. indawo 38. imali 39. indaba 40. iqiniso 41. inyanga 42. inkatho 43. kulungile 44. funda 45. incwadi 46. ​​iso 47. umsebenzi 48. izwi 49. ibhizinisi 50. udaba 51. uhlangothi 52. umusa 53. ikhanda 54. indlu 55. inkonzo 56. umngane 57. ubaba 58. amandla 59. ihora 60. umdlalo 61. umugqa 62. isiphetho 63. ilungu 64. umthetho 65. imoto 66. idolobha 67. umphakathi 68. igama 69. umongameli 70. iqembu 71. iminithi 72. umqondo 73. ingane 74. umzimba 75. ulwazi 76. emuva 77. umzali 78. ubuso 79. abanye 80. izinga 81. ihhovisi 82. umnyango 83. impilo 84. umuntu 85. ubuciko 86. impi 87. umlando 88. iqembu 89. umphumela 90. ushintsho 91. ekuseni 92. isizathu 93. ucwaningo 94. intombazane 95. indoda 96. umzuzu 97. umoya 98. uthisha 99. amandla 100. imfundo 1. kube 2. babe 3. yenza 4. ithi 5. hamba 6. kungaba 7. thola 8. uzo 9. yenza 10. yazi 11. intando 12. cabanga 13. thatha 14. bheka 15. woza 16. kungenzeka 17. ukufuna 18. buka 19. sebenzisa 20. thola 21. nika 22. tshela 23. umsebenzi 24. kungenzeka 25. kufanele 26. biza 27. zama 28. buza 29. isidingo 30. ukuzwa 31. abe 32. hamba 33. beka 34. kusho 35. gcina 36. vumela 37. qala 38. kubonakala 39. usizo 40. khuluma 41. phenduka 42. qala 43. amandla 44. umbukiso 45. ukuzwa 46. ​​dlala 47. gijima 48. gudluza 49. njengokuthi 50. phila 51. kholwani 52. bamba 53. letha 54. kwenzeka 55. kufanele 56. bhala 57. hlinzeka 58. hlala 59. yima 60. lahlekelwa 61. khokha 62. hlanganani 63. hlanganisa 64. qhubeka 65. isethi 66. funda 67. ushintsho 68. ukuhola 69. qonda 70. buka 71. landela 72. yima 73. dala 74. khuluma 75. funda 76. vumela 77. engeza 78. chitha 79. khula 80. vula 81. hamba 82. ukunqoba 83. ukunikeza 84. khumbula 85. uthando 86. cabanga 87. vela 88. thenga 89. linda 90. khonza 91. kufa 92. thumela 93. lindela 94. ukwakha 95. hlala 96. ukuwa 97. ukusika 98. finyelela 99. bulala 100. hlala 1 ngikhona, ngikhona, ngikhona 2 ngike ngaba naye 3 ngenza ngenze ngenza 4 ngithi ngithi ngithi 5 ngiyahamba ngihambile / ngihambile 6 ngithola ngithola ngitholile 7 make made made made I 8 know know knew known knowing I 9 think thinks thought thought I 10 take take take take take, 11 bheka bheka ibone ibonwa ibona mina 12 yiza iza woza woza I 13 ifuna iyafunwa iyafunwa R 14 sebenzisa isetshenziswa kusetshenziswa R 15 thola thola thola thola thola thola 16 unikeza wanikeza inikelwe ukupha I 17 utshela utshele utshele ngitshele ngi 18 uyasebenza usebenzile uyasebenza R 19 ufona ufona ufona R 20 uyazama uyazama uyazama R 21 cela kubuza kubuza kubuza R 22 udinga izidingo ezidingekayo ezidinga R 23 ngizizwa ngizizwa ngizizwa ngizizwa ngiba 24 ngiba ngiba ngiba ngiba 25 shiya amahlamvu kwesokunxele ngishiye 26 ngibeke ngibeke ngibeke 27 ngiqonde kusho ukuthi kusho ukuthi mina 28 ngigcina ngaqhubeka ngagcina Ngi 29 mangidedele ngidedele 30 ngiqale b I-egins started begun started I 31 ibonakala sengathi ibonakala sengathi i-R 32 isiza isiza yasiza yasiza i-R 33 imibukiso ebonisiwe iyaboniswa I 34 izwa izwa izwa izwa I 35 idlala imidlalo idlaliwe iyadlala R 36 iyagijima iyagijima igijima igijima 37 unyakaza bathutha bathutha bayanyakaza R 38 izimpilo beziphila bahlala R 39 bakholelwa kukholakala bakholelwa kukholakala bakholelwa ukuthi u-R40 uletha ukulethwa 1. okunye 2. entsha 3. kuhle 4. phezulu 5. endala 6. omkhulu 7. omkhulu 8. EMelika 9. encane 10. enkulu 11. kazwelonke 12. abasha 13. ezahlukene 14. omnyama 15. yinde 16. kancane 17. ebalulekile 18. ezombusazwe 19. kubi 20. mhlophe 21. okwangempela 22. best 23. kulungile 24. social 25. kuphela 26. umphakathi 27. ngokuqinisekile 28. phansi 29. ekuseni 30. ukwazi 31. umuntu 32. wendawo 33. sekwephuzile 34. kanzima 35. omkhulu 36. ngcono 37. kwezomnotho 38. eqinile 39. kungenzeka 40. ephelele 41. mahhala 42. impi 43. iqiniso 44. federal 45. ngamazwe ngamazwe 46. ​​egcwele 47. ekhethekile 48. kulula 49. kucace 50. yakamuva 51. ezithile 52. siqu 53. vula 54. obomvu 55. kunzima 56. etholakalayo 57. kungenzeka 58. mfushane 59. ongashadile 60. ezokwelapha 61. okwamanje 62. okungalungile 63. ngasese 64. edlule 65. angaphandle 66. kuhle 67. ezivamile 68. mpofu 69. yemvelo 70. okubalulekile 71. ezifanayo 72. kushisa 73. efile 74. phakathi 75. ejabule 76. sina 77. ngomumo 78. elula 79. kwesokunxele 80. ngokomzimba 81. jikelele 82. imvelo 83. ezezimali 84. blue 85. intando yeningi 86. mnyama 87. ezihlukahlukene 88. ngokuphelele 89. vala 90. zomthetho 91. ezenkolo 92. amakhaza 93. okokugcina 94. oyinhloko 95. eluhlaza 96. kuhle 97. omkhulu 98. edumile 99. bendabuko 100. amasiko umzimba wenyama inyama yenyama uqobo lwangempela somatic isilwane esibambekayo esibambekayo sasemhlabeni esifayo sangempela sangempela sangempela somuntu semvelo esijwayelekile esingenamoya sezwe sesikhashana sasemhlabeni esiyizwe sezwe isisekelo esingaphansi komhlaba esiphundu esinengqondo esizalwa emhlabeni esingesona esomoya sokwakheka kwemvelo kwemvelo okubonakalayo kwenyama okunezimo ezingcono kakhulu zenyama inhlamba okuyiqiniso okuqinile okuqinile okuqinile okuyiqiniso okuzwakalayo okungcolile okungcolile okungeyona okungokomoya okuzwakalayo okuzwakalayo enyameni okusebenzayo kwe-physiologic tactile basic primal non-wesonto genetic biologic biotic sensory laic non-religious physiological non-religious okungahambisani nenkolo okungenakulinganiswa okubonakalayo okulinganisekayo okuqondakalayo okuzalwa okujulile komuntu ozalwa kulo mhlaba wokuzala. iphansi kakhulu kumuntu i-tellurian isilwane esingazi lutho isilo esingalawuleki se-geotic emhlabeni wonke sansuku zonke i-alluvial terraqueous appetitive coarse uncultured inhuman subuntu unrefined unrefinedlik e kuyo yonke indalo ngaphansi kwelanga kukhona okuyiqiniso okuyiqiniso okungelona iqiniso okungaphakathi okusemthethweni okungenakuphenduleka okungenakuphenduleka okwamanje okungenakucatshangwa okuphilayo okusebenzayo okungenakucatshangwa okuphilayo okungenakuphikiswa okungenakuphikiswa kuhlanganiswe nomsindo oqondile oqondile okhona sobala dinkum inkanuko evusa inkanuko evusa inkanuko yenyama epicurean sybaritic eyenga ukunethezeka okujabulisayo okuthokozisayo okujabulisayo okujabulisayo okungathandeki okudabukisayo okudabukisayo okudabukisayo okudabukisayo okudabukisayo okudabukisayo inhlamba engcolile engcolile, inhlamba engcolile, inhlamba engcolile, inhlamba engcolile, izithombe zobulili ezingcolile ezingcolile ezingcolile eziluhlaza okotshani okungcolile okungcolile okungcolile okungcolile. ingqondo ethambile-ephakathi kwemibala yase-UK libertine esheshayo eyehla phansi i-orgastic incontinent concupiscent uphondo oludabukile olulahlile olubi olubi olulahliwe olubi olubi olubi oluncibilikayo oluncibilikayo oluncibilikayo olune-satyric hypersexual itch y izikhotha ezifisa okubabayo zasemhlabeni isixhwanguxhwangu esingalawuleki esingalawuleki esizalayo esinesono esingalawuleki esikhohlakele esikhohlakele pervy sihlanekezelwe titillating siyazala siyalahlwa singalawuleki sishintshashintsha sibe nesimilo esingalawuleki esixegayo sikhululekile isikhwebu esingenasimilo esingcolile immodest immodest immodest immodest impetroude eququququququququququququququququququququququququququququrang nokuxega okuxekethile okunganambitheki okuvusa amadlingozi okuvusa i-lowbred lowbred raffish erotogenic racy esobala i-porn i-fruity roughneck porno emagebhugebhu aqoshiwe eduze kwe-knuckle scatological close to the bone scatologic in the gutter cheap low-minded aphrodisiacal aphrodisiacal kinkyous geniisian ethokozisayo ngokocansi ukuvusa ucansi okuvusa inkanuko engafanele ye-wolfish hircine hot to trot Umuntu ofayo Inyama Inyama Inyama Inyama Inyama Eyomhlaba Eyonakeleyo Yasemhlabeni I-Ecce Homo Inyama Biological Somatic Inyama Ephilayo Negazi Lobuntu i-anatomical body functional material structural anatomic ukuphila ukuphefumula philisa okukhona kuphila okunyakazayo kuthathelwe inyama okusheshayo okuphilayo okuphilayo okuphilayo okuphilayo okuphilayo okuphilayo okuphilayo okuphilayo okunamandla okufudumele okunempilo ephilayo futhi kukhahlela enyameni phakathi kwabaphilayo ezweni labaphilayo qaphela i-biotic iyaqaphela i-biologic yemvelo iqaphile impilo esekhona yesitshalo yesilwane esifayo. Amakhemikhali asekelwe kukhabhoni amakhemikhali ezinto eziphilayo asebenza ephila inyama negazi elikhona elichumayo elikhulayo elikhulayo elinamandla amangqamuzana angafile i-basal amoebic anatomical plasmic synthetic botanic synthesizedUS actinic alchemical synthetical enzymatic sapient botanical zoological zoologic sensate feeling intokuhlakaniphile okuzazi kwenyama negazi kuhlanganisweUK ekwazi ukuzwa ngokuphelele ngokuphelele ngokuphelele ngokuphelele ngokuphoqelela ngamandla ngamandla ngobudlova ngokomzimba ngokuphelele ngokuphelele ngokuhlanganyela ngokugcwele ngamandla ngobuningi njengomzimba njengeqembu ezibonakalayo empeleni corporeally mundanely elibanzi palpably ngokwenyama ponderably ngempela abantu beveza ngokoqobo maqondana nodaba fleshlily Ukunaka corporally materialistically sensually somatically animally worldlily babukana kakhulu ngokuqinile temporally terrestrially perceptibly lalisebenza measurably quantifiably batshengise usho izinto njengoba zinjalo appreciably 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ngokunamandla ngokushuba ngokunamandla ngokufutheka okukhulu ngokunamandla okukhulu okunamandla gangbusters ukushayelwa awudingide ngentshiseko ngokucijile ukushaya band lahlanjalazwa livelily ngentukuthelo uye wakwenza esijulile blisteringly kakhulu lilidlula kakhulu babazi ngobuqotho ngokulangazela behamba gutsily puissantly sithuthukise punchily drivingly toughly devastatingly ngokhahlo udzimelele ngonya peppily overpoweringly zippily ngempumelelo nangokuzimisela ngesihluku crushingly turbulently lustily resoundingly nge vigourUK nge vigorUS destructively iba kakhulu commandingly ngentshiseko ngokujulile ngokujulile ngethonya elinamandla i-sparkily racily spa nkingly coercively flamingly consumingly unbridledly indefatigably rabidly ngamandla wonke komuntu okubaluleke snappily ngembaba perkily airily animately ngokujulile bouncingly friskily pertly springily jauntily gaily jazzily stormily compellingly kakhulu enterprisingly kakhulu bonke dreadfully excruciatingly ngesibindi 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